Friday, September 10, 2010

Before and After

Handbuilt, eletric kiln, 1250ºC.


  1. Another beauty, nice to see before and after. I got some volcanic ash today instead of messing with the rice hulls. I'll be trying it the next time I fire, wish me luck.

  2. Uauuuuu...é aquele!!!Ficou lindo o vidrado...e a peça...que bela em amiga!!!!!!parabéns fera!!Bjs

  3. Sossô, que bom que você voltou! Estava mesmo sentindo sua falta... Bjão!

    Valeu Vi!

    Linda, tks! About volcanic ash; "unhappily" (for ceramic purposes :P ) we don´t have here in Brazil volcanoes, so, it´s hard to obtain. I have no experience on it. I suggest you, at very first, to make tests on small slabs, with different proportions (ashes and glaze). I´m very courious and I´m crossing my fingers for you!

    Bethinhaaaaaaaa! Vc é uma linda da Acááá!! Obrigada pela força amigas!


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