Sunday, June 27, 2010

A perfect match: Pottery and Social Responsability

Every year, Hideko Honma, a Brazilian ceramist, organize a charity
event with Grant Hyatt- São Paulo partnership, called Sukiyaki do Bem.
All the Hideko Honma´s Atelier is involved on it, and her students are invited to create utswa (plates) projects. These plates are exhibited during the event and the guests/ benefactors can choose one as a gift.

Hideko Honma students: Massumi, Terezinha, Mariléia, Magali, Heloisa, Michio, Lilian e Ana Elisa.

The event is in it's 4th edition. Students from hand building pottery classes also participated.

Sukiyaki do Bem is a huge event, formatted as a cultural dinner at Hyatt, with artistic shows that vary from year to year. This time, we had the japanese singer Mariko Kanashiro; musical shows with shakuhachi, koto and a great taiko drums performance.

The Chefs Adriano Kanashiro, Shin Koike, Laurent Grolleau and Erika Okazaki
were responsible for the marvelous sukiyaki and patisserie, all served
on the beautiful Hideko Honma pottery.

Iweth Kusano, thank you by the photos!

Join flavors, colors and forms, to benefit institutions like
Ikoi-No-Sono dedicated to elderly people,
and Casa Tiaminho, that help needy children.

Famous Chefs like Alex Atalla, Bella Masano, Charlô Whately, Emmanuel Bassoleil, Erick Jacquim, Jun Sakamoto, Morena Leite, Shin Koike, Tatiana Cardoso, Tsuyoshi Murakami and Viko Tangoda were invited to create interventions and sign pottery plates in leather hard. Later, these plates were fired by Hideko Honma and auctioned during the event.

As a Brazilian popular saying, " There is always perfum in a hand that offers flowers", in these case, there is pottery in a generous hand. At the end, all the guests receive the utsuwa previously chosen and a special one, made and signed by Hideko Honma.

Hideko Honma at center with her pottery students.

At the end were offered native seedling trees (Mahogany, Ipê, Jatoba, etc) .
This is another social responsability action heading the environmental care.

I would like to thank all the guests, attendees , sponsors, Chefs
and Hideko Honma Sensei.
It was a pleasure to be there once again.
See you next year!

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Plates warmed by the waves

Eletric fire, hand build on manual wheel and slipware detail.

Imitation of Water

João Cabral de Mello Neto (*)

Translated by Ashley Brown

On the sheet, on your side,

already so marine a scene,

you were looking like a wave

lying down on the beach.

A wave that was stopping

or better: that was refraining;

that would contain a moment

its murmur of liquid leaves.

A wave that was stopping

at that precise hour

when the eyelid of the wave

drops over its own pupil.

A wave that was stopping

in breaking, interrupted,

would stop itself, immobile,

at the height of its crest

and would make itself a mountain

(being horizontal and fixed)

but in becoming a mountain

would yet continue to be water.

A wave that would keep,

in a seashore bed, finite,

the nature without end

that it shares with the sea,

and in its immobility,

guessed to be precarious,

the gift of overflowing

that makes the waters feminine,

and the climate of deep waters,

that shadowy intimacy,

and a certain full embrace

you copy from the liquids.

(*) João Cabral was a brazilian poet from my city, Recife. He published his first book Pedra do Sono (Stone of the Sleep) in 1942. He joined the Diplomatic Service in 1947, and was sent to Barcelona, where he lived for many years. His poetry contains many images of the social conditions of the northeastern region of Brazil, where he grew up. He is generally considered the most important poet of the post-war generation.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Would you like some coffe?

This is an iron glaze, I made it last year, for coffe cup sets.

Foto from Claudia Rumi (

First step of a journey...

The main ideia for this blog is to register my work and my experimentation in pottery.
Also, I hope the blog can help me listen different points of view,
to make new contacts and improve my English. ;-)
(Photo: Anagama firing, handbuilt.)

A idéia deste blog é registrar meu trabalho e minhas experiências na cerâmica. Espero assim ouvir diferentes pontos de vista, fazer contatos e melhorar inglês.