Sunday, June 27, 2010

A perfect match: Pottery and Social Responsability

Every year, Hideko Honma, a Brazilian ceramist, organize a charity
event with Grant Hyatt- São Paulo partnership, called Sukiyaki do Bem.
All the Hideko Honma´s Atelier is involved on it, and her students are invited to create utswa (plates) projects. These plates are exhibited during the event and the guests/ benefactors can choose one as a gift.

Hideko Honma students: Massumi, Terezinha, Mariléia, Magali, Heloisa, Michio, Lilian e Ana Elisa.

The event is in it's 4th edition. Students from hand building pottery classes also participated.

Sukiyaki do Bem is a huge event, formatted as a cultural dinner at Hyatt, with artistic shows that vary from year to year. This time, we had the japanese singer Mariko Kanashiro; musical shows with shakuhachi, koto and a great taiko drums performance.

The Chefs Adriano Kanashiro, Shin Koike, Laurent Grolleau and Erika Okazaki
were responsible for the marvelous sukiyaki and patisserie, all served
on the beautiful Hideko Honma pottery.

Iweth Kusano, thank you by the photos!

Join flavors, colors and forms, to benefit institutions like
Ikoi-No-Sono dedicated to elderly people,
and Casa Tiaminho, that help needy children.

Famous Chefs like Alex Atalla, Bella Masano, Charlô Whately, Emmanuel Bassoleil, Erick Jacquim, Jun Sakamoto, Morena Leite, Shin Koike, Tatiana Cardoso, Tsuyoshi Murakami and Viko Tangoda were invited to create interventions and sign pottery plates in leather hard. Later, these plates were fired by Hideko Honma and auctioned during the event.

As a Brazilian popular saying, " There is always perfum in a hand that offers flowers", in these case, there is pottery in a generous hand. At the end, all the guests receive the utsuwa previously chosen and a special one, made and signed by Hideko Honma.

Hideko Honma at center with her pottery students.

At the end were offered native seedling trees (Mahogany, Ipê, Jatoba, etc) .
This is another social responsability action heading the environmental care.

I would like to thank all the guests, attendees , sponsors, Chefs
and Hideko Honma Sensei.
It was a pleasure to be there once again.
See you next year!

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  1. Beautiful blog!!!
    I love it!

  2. Thanks dear Claudia! Mas a gente pode falar em português por aqui tb! rs* Obrigada pelo carinho. Bjs. A.A.

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  4. Ibetti-san, que bom vc aqui!!! E a casa é sua viu? Por tanto, nada de urayamashii...Entender até acho que entendi, mas responder são outros quinhentos! rs*** Bjsssssssss.

  5. Acácia querida,
    Amei o blog, voce, e principalmente pelo reencontro.
    Me visite também, será um grande prazer.
    Beijos da baiana

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    Parabéns pelo blog !
    Tá muito bonito e de super bom gosto menina,
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