Friday, June 23, 2017

Pulveris Terrae

Pulveris Terrae

In tones of  earthy, sand and clay. Land of Dust, translates from  latin the sculpture's name, was inspired by the beginning of everything, in the cradle of civilization. In the forces of deserts and their sandstorms, in the wars and stories of achievements by the men. The shape suggests an animal's head, crowned with a horn more valuable than gold, awakens their only predator: the man. At the same time, from the tension between a formal concreteness of the straight angles and the expressive gesture of the curves  arises a poetic balance of opposites, adding their spaces in hopeful harmony. Pulveris Terrae was inspired by paradoxes, polarizations, decisive moments, solitude, in dialogues that can't be impossible. Remembering the human origin and our greatest enemy, ourselves. Suggests the flag of peace, 
before everything becomes just dust.

Esalq - USP Piracicaba :

Fundação Romi - Sta Bárbara do Oeste:

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