Monday, January 3, 2011

Paul Solder - In memorian

1921 - 2011

In many ways, you're still here with all of us.
A real artist like you, never dies.

"In the spirit of raku, there is the necessity to embrace the element of surprise. There can be no fear of losing what was once planned and there must be an urge to grow along with the discovery of the unknown. In the spirit of raku: make no demands, expect nothing, follow no absolute plan, be secure in change, learn to accept another solution and, finally, prefer to gamble on your own intuition. Raku offers us deep understanding of those qualities in pottery which are of a more spiritual nature, of pots by men willing to create objects that have meaning as well as function." (Soldner, 1973)


  1. Uma lição.........bela!!!! Acá....bjusssssss Iweth

  2. Ele veio, viveu, fez e criou. Deixou seus passos como quem deixa um recado de amor.


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